Mayor & Council: April 13, 2022 @6.30pm

Lots of intrigue bubbling under this month, and a few interesting items on the agenda. The long knives take care of the Red Bank Redevelopment AgencyRBRA, the boro’ takes remedial action over its accounting methods, Tesla Town has yet to come to terms with fossil fuels, and it takes a town hall meeting to resolve a payment of $981.57…

In this historic little town, the borough continues its commitment to 19C infrastructure and mid-20C zoning and planning policy, sometimes known as “slash & burn”. So, given the town’s newfound commitment to the future as exemplified by its gracious acceptance of a vintage Tesla, it’s disappointing to note the PD proposing entering into a commitment to buy further fossil-fueled behemoths to park across Broadwalk. There is a lot of material out there describing the benefits of eVs to the police, much of it compiled by the police.

Coming to a street near you…

But, here we are. Contemplating the purchase of two 2022 Chevrolet Tahoe 9CI Patrol Spec vehicles, whose capabilities seem a bit over-the-top for a 2sqr mile town with maybe 0% of wilderness space, and whose fuel usage specifications seem to be Top Secret. So much for the environment. Anyway, it should be interesting to hear the Chief debating the matter with the CEO/BA #conflictofinterest

Stuff missing from the agenda:

  • Senior Center progress report
  • Climate Action Plan
  • Hybrid ZOOM progress
  • etc…

MAYOR & COUNCIL MEETINGS (Zoom Webinar ID is 927 077 730)
Clerk: Pam Borghi,, 732-530-2740

    • Dial +1 929 205 6099 and enter the Zoom ID (927 077 730) when prompted. *9 to speak
Surviving tree and 19C infrastructure in Red Bank where The Car Is The Star…

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1 thought on “Mayor & Council: April 13, 2022 @6.30pm

  1. One has to wonder how much plastic film we’ll have to recycle to offset the environmental cost of the proposed PD cruisers. There is little evidence of joined-up thinking around here.

    Perhaps a Climate Action Plan might be more appropriate for the future of this cool little town than a “Masterplan”.

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