Red Bank Style: From 1600 to the Present

It’s kind of depressing to see the vision of the current crop of “developers” in Red Bank. From faux Ruritanian to Shed-Modern it’s not often we see a proposal which celebrates the town’s history and the community’s hopes, and fulfils future needs. Rarely do we see the imaginative use of local materials and durable and crafty techniques. Instead, all we see are barely competent Autodesk renderings and plans that in reality frequently fail to be realised.

Meanwhile, the town still has a historic residential housing stock of fine, but occasionally forsaken properties. However, history and community coherence are often prey to speculators’ avarice by either their slash and burn, or the deliberate run-down and neglect of properties on prime sites in order to erect their ugly and inappropriate edifices because anything is better than a pile of lumber and rubble, right?

Anyway, I found this handy chart on the interwebs. Hopefully, it might be of some use when challenging predatory applications for Zoning and Planning permissions and variations.

.pdf copy here>>>
Author: Alan E Hill
Stranger in a strange land

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