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Broadwalk Broadcast

Red Bank Borough is holding a hybrid “in-the-room” and Zoom “Broadwalk Round Table” meeting this Wednesday, 29 June @6.00pm. Attendees will be “invited to discuss the potential upcoming Broadwalk season“. How much this will just be a platform for some…

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Mayor & Council – Workshop: 11 May 2022

Well, another month has passed and it’s another M&C Workshop and Council Meeting. I’m not certain a foreigner like me can actually grasp the difference between a “workshop session” and an actual meeting especially when they’re scheduled simultaneously, but I…

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Mayor & Council: April 13, 2022 @6.30pm

Lots of intrigue bubbling under this month, and a few interesting items on the agenda. The long knives take care of the Red Bank Redevelopment Agency – RBRA, the boro’ takes remedial action over its accounting methods, Tesla Town has…

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