Chickens coming home…

The mayor and council seem blissfully unaware or willfully uninformed that unresolved questions persist, whether they opt not to address them or neglect to document the public’s comments and questions in the council minutes.

Those in Red Bank who stay informed are well aware of the direction things are heading. It’s perplexing that the council either obstructs valid questions or deliberately allows certain commissions and departments to evade accountability to our community.

House of Cards…

Several of these questions date back years, and the current extent of the borough’s cover-ups and their associated costs remains unknown.

The drive for truth and accountability predates the current council’s election. Even when Ready’s misleading manifesto promises and outrageous claims reached ridiculous levels, principled opponents and commentators refrained from bringing those issues into debates and campaign events.

At some point, individual’s reputation managers and social media advisors will not be able to stem the community’s legitimate questions.

Two River Times, 18 January, 2024: Red Bank Leadership Accused of Political Patronage – Two River Times

Author: Alan E Hill
Stranger in a strange land

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