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Red Bank Squares

From 5.30pm, Wednesday 25 May, 2022, the Mayor and Council of Red Bank will be holding its first “hybrid” ZOOM/in-person meeting. I’m assuming the new time permits real and virtual attendees to network before the meeting. Still, given the history of previous borough ZOOM meetings there will be few opportunities and little information available for those who attend virtually, let alone “Chat” transcripts between panel members being made available, even under OPRA. That shouldn’t be a problem for a public session, should it?

So, what’s on the agenda to excite Red Bank Rising‘s interest?

Well, calendar wise, June is PRIDE month and the borough has spared no expense in exercising the colour printer with their proclamation, a fitting tribute and commitment in this equitable town. There are a couple of local finance ordinances regarding publishing the 2022 Budget, and establishing a CAP Bank, which I assume is a way of hedging increases in that budget.

Sunset Park

Given the borough’s propensity for chopping down trees, it’s reassuring to see that there will be two more appointees to the Tree Shade Committee to oversee that policy in the future. But the boro’ is considering the future by implementing a Floodplain Management strategy, a policy they’ve been entitled to address since 1981… But at least it’s now regarded as necessary, but fails to address the real need for a Climate Action Plan and developing a more resistant waterfront and monitoring the petrochemical fluid, auto-motive particulates and garden chemical run-off into the Navesink… Oh, and about the Waterfront Walkway – 1981, which could play a significant role in developing the town’s resilience. Yes… I know. It’s a big ask, but there are a lot of very big problems on the horizon.

Next, some ordinances closing down the redevelopment agency – cost $440k – and tidying up the threads and some additions to the police department recommended by the Chief, or is it the CEO? I expect the meeting to clear that matter up.

So, those are the things that have caught RBr’s eye. Hopefully, there are others you, the reader, might want to have your say on.

EDIT NOTE: 5.30pm start is at a council member’s request…

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