The Big Tooth of Red Bank

When discussion of New Jersey’s seven wonders comes up, Lucy the Margate Elephant or the Great Falls of Paterson are rightfully mentioned but I’d like to add a new wonder into the discussion. The big tooth of Red Bank. Dr. Benjamin Klayman of Red Bank Smiles (180 River Road, Red Bank) has recently unveiled a giant 3 dimensional tooth upgrading from a nice but traditional wooden sign also in the shape of a tooth. Dr. Klayman said that it was always his intention to upgrade the sign. It was a long journey, it took two years to get final approval from the town. After the ok from the town he found Made Ya Look Signs of Keansburg to manufacture this gargantuan bicuspid, where it took six months to make. Since it’s debut, response has been overwhelmingly positive. Could the big tooth of Red Bank be an eventual tourist destination? A place where families or little league teams will include the tooth in a picture or where babies and small dogs are posed atop of it for photo op’s. Only time will tell.

Introducing the big tooth of Red Bank
The tooth that was pulled, now acting as a greeter by the front door

Author: Tim Cronin

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