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Broadwalk Broadcast

Red Bank Borough is holding a hybrid “in-the-room” and Zoom “Broadwalk Round Table” meeting this Wednesday, 29 June @6.00pm. Attendees will be “invited to discuss the potential upcoming Broadwalk season“. How much this will just be a platform for some…

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The Big Tooth of Red Bank

When discussion of New Jersey’s seven wonders comes up, Lucy the Margate Elephant or the Great Falls of Paterson are rightfully mentioned but I’d like to add a new wonder into the discussion. The big tooth of Red Bank. Dr….

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Artistic Licence… The Dream and the Reality

So the Zoning Board will face yet another round of meetings about the proposed use of the site around Monmouth, Pearl and Oakland Streets, while the developer, with the utilitarian name of 121 Monmouth, LLC, whittles away at the town’s…

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Ghost Town… Kastin’s Drugs

This memorial to Kastin’s Drugs stands as a reminder of the time before national chains and when neighbourhoods still had a degree of self-sufficiency and cohesion. Kastin’s succumbed to the invasion of the national drugstore chains in 2004 after 86…

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Red Bank Style: From 1600 to the Present

It’s kind of depressing to see the vision of the current crop of “developers” in Red Bank. From faux Ruritanian to Shed-Modern it’s not often we see a proposal which celebrates the town’s history and the community’s hopes, and fulfils…

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Bigger & Better Buildings

The community of Red Bank and their “consultants” may be working on a new Master Plan, but speculators and investors already have theirs… Cram in as much inappropriate and unsustainable development as possible just in case the new plan isn’t…

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The job’s almost done for us…

California Highway Design Manual, chapter 1000 (yes, 1000) – Bicycle Transportation Design – July 2020

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Complete Streets Toolbox – NJ

Start of RBr’s useful tools: Complete Streets Design Guide – NJ 2017

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