3 thoughts on “The Problem with Zoning & Planning – No.1

  1. That green fence has been there since at least August of 2018, according to Google Maps.

    And if you check the Google Maps photos from 2013 to 2017, you can see that for years, one of those houses was a burnt-out shell with a tarp thrown over it. (In your top photo, it’s the house just past the dark brown one.)

    Red Bank Green tells us the fire was in May 2012.

    And that tarp stayed there until the house was torn down in early 2018.

    1. I never did use RBG’s search box. I just use DuckDuckGo for search, in this case:
      2018 demolition Rapcavage site:redbankgreen.com

      Google also uses the “site:” modifier, and gives better results, but don’t show as much respect for my privacy.

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